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If you are looking for a method to restore antique finish safety and easily, Howard's Restor-a-Finish may be a perfect product for your project. Howard's products provide a quick fix to antique furniture finish and are easy to use, gentle on your antique furniture and yield outstanding results. How about a quick free demo? Just take a look at our Howard demo photos below. Don't forget to take our Fun Trivia Quiz

Before Closeup


Show Me How
After Closeup


Yes, the above pictures really are from the same location on a tea cart. Wow! what a difference. Our buyers remorse is gone along with the scratches!

It is really hard to believe how easy antique furniture restoration is with Howard's Restor-a-Finish. We have transformed ugly wood finishes and neglected furniture into pieces that have the look of years of care.

Restor-A-Finish is perfect for restoring luster to kitchen cabinets. It helps break down grease and restores beauty. Maintain with feed-n-wax or Natural wood preserver.

Restor-A-Finish can also be used on bathroom cabinets or furniture with water damage marks or heat rings. Removal of heat rings may require more pressure. Refer to our Heat Ring Storyfor a discussion on how to remove heat rings from furniture.

If you'd like to see the transformation, we conduct demonstrations on the third Saturday morning of most months for those located near us. For those too far to visit, we've put together a few step by step instructions and demonstration pictures below to show you the entire Howard's restoration process from start to finish.
Begin your project by testing an inconspicuous spot to confirm you are pleased with the results. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product.

We offer free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

If you have any questions, please contact us at CustServ@MinksEmporium.com.

Before Restoration
Before Closeup
This is a picture of the top shelf of a tea cart. As you can tell it has been abused over the years. It is scratched and really looks quite ugly! It has already been wiped off with a soft cloth--this is as good as it gets. Our piece does not have a lacquer finish, but restor-a-finish can be used to restore items with lacquer finish. It is not recommended for painted surfaces.
Supplies Assemble the supplies.

1. One Clean Wide Mouth Jar - Clean salsa or peanut butter jars work good. It needs to be large enough that you can easily dip your 0000 steel wool into it with a gloved hand.

2. 0000 Steel Wool - I know it sounds like steel wool will just add to the scrathes that we are trying to eliminate; but, it works great. The 0000 steel wool is very fine and doesn't scratch when used gently. A cloth can be used; but, we prefer steel wool results.

3. Refinishing Gloves - Use gloves made for use with furniture finsh. Restor-a-Finish does not burn if it get's on your skin like some finish removers, it's just best to keep it away from your skin.

4. Restor-a-Finish - Select a color that best matches the finish being restored.

5. Clean Soft Cloth - Pictured later.

Pour Restor-a-Finish Pour about a one inch depth of Restor-a-Finish into a clean jar.
Pour Restor-a-Finish With gloves on, dip steel wool into Restor-a-Finish. We usually get about 1/4 to 1/2 of the steel wool wet with Restor-a-Finish. Allow excess to drip back into jar as you remove the steel wool. There is usually no need to clean the surface because Restor-A-Finish will clean most of the grime or dirt when applied with (0000) steel wool. Clean-A-Finish Wood Soap can be used to remove heavy grease or grime build-up.
Apply Restor-a-Finish Gently wipe Restor-a-Finish with the grain of the wood in an inconspicuous area. Obviously, we started with the most visible area, the top surface; but, our tea cart was so ugly we figured it couldn't get much worse. Notice we said wipe not scrub. If you have white heat rings you may need to apply additional pressure; but, usually gently wiping is all that is required for scratches. Restor-a-Finish is a wipe on, wipe off process. It is not a stain and does not require soaking. It will even remove spots due to water damage.
Wipe Restor-a-Finish Gently wipe Restor-a-Finish off with a clean soft cloth. If you are working on a large piece, just apply Restor-a-Finish to a small area, wipe with a soft cloth and continue to the next area.
Apply Feed-n-Wax By now, hopefully, you've seen some good results! Apply a generous portion of Feed-n-Wax to a soft clean cloth.
Apply Feed-n-Wax Wipe Feed-n-Wax in the direction of the wood grain. Feed-n-Wax brings out the depth of wood grain and leaves a nice orange scent. If you desire a heavier wax Howard Citrus Shield Paste Wax is a good choice. Both of these will provide added protection and shine to your newly restored finish. We recommend using Feed-n-Wax every 2 months to maintain your finish. It will not result in a wax buildup and will keep your furniture moisturized and prevent cracking.
Apply Feed-n-Wax Look at the beautiful transformation of our scratched tea cart. A transformation that required very little effort and was completed in less than 30 minutes! It's hard to believe it is the same piece. Use Howard Orange Oil for regular cleaning and dusting and enjoy your new masterpiece.
Our Heat Ring Removal Story - How to repair heat damaged wood

I am so excited to report the results of our weekend escape to the country. We met my parents at the little country house where my mom lived as a child. It is the house where I visited my Grandmother almost every weekend of my childhood. Anyway, my mom had heard us sing the praises of Restor-a-Finish and thought she would try some on my Grandmother's old dining table. It had heat rings that really made it look ugly. I had used Restor-a-Finish on other furniture in our shop with heat rings and had good results. So, I was really hoping we could work wonders with a table that was so special to us. I explained to my mom that she would need to use a little muscle on the heat rings. She tried and called to report that it did not work. I was disappointed for her; but, I figured we would give it another try. Well, we got an opportunity and drove up for a visit. We woke up at the crack of dawn and enjoyed a good cup of coffee-- for some reason it always tastes better there. Anyway, after we had our coffee, I broke out the steel wool and started working on a small heat ring slowly. After about a minute, I could see it starting to disappear. My mom had been scared to scrub the table with the steel wool afraid she would make the finish worse. If the task is to blend away scratches, there is no need to do much more than wipe the wood gently with Restor-a-Finish. But, when there are heat rings, we have found that gently working the area with the wood grain with an increasing amount of pressure works well. Do not be too forceful. Start lightly and increase the intensity just enough to get the heat ring to start to fade. Too much intensity can sometimes lighten the area more than desired and prevent a uniform result. I told my mom, I was going to give it some intensity because it was already ugly, I did not think we could really ruin it. When we finished, we just stood back and admired our results. Below are the before and after photos of the same end of the table. The horizontal line in the photo is where the table top and a leaf meet. I know it is hard to believe that we are looking at the same table. I thought it might be good to share this experience if you are having some trouble removing heat rings. Just give it a little muscle, work in a small area, with the wood grain scrubbing about an inch beyond and across the heat ring. The Restor-a-Finish really will blend them away. We used Mahogany Restor-a-Finish, #0000 Steel Wool, and followed it up with Feed-n-Wax. Good luck with your project and I hope you get the chance to stand back in amazement like we did!

Table with heat rings Table with heat rings

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