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Test Your Antique Trivia Knowledge

How to play: 
  1. Answer each question by clicking on one of the choices.  The pop-up box will tell you if you're correct. If incorrect, you'll get a hint.
  2. Answer the questions in any order.  You may keep guessing until you get the right answer,  but only the first answer counts! 
  3. Click on the final score button when your ready to grade your quiz. 
  4. To try again use the "refresh" button on your browser.
  5. CHEAT SHEET -- Click on the photo for the answer and a little more detail.


Thanks for being patient, there are a number of pictures to load!

1. bench
How old does something have to be
to be considered an antique?

2. buffet
What is the difference between a Sideboard and a Buffet?

3. sewing machine
In what country did the Singer Sewing Machine Company originate?

4. furniture
What is the best method to revive the old finish of your furniture?

5. waterfall dresser
What is meant by the term waterfall when describing furniture?

6. hutch
What is the different between a china cabinet and a hutch?

7. knee hole dresser
Is there any value to depression era furniture?

8. half mortise lock
What is a half mortise?

9. cast iron skillet
What is a method to determine authenticity of cast iron items?

10. triple armoire
What is the difference between an Armoire and a Wardrobe?


RATING: 10 Correct --Super Antiqu-er!!

8-9 Correct -- Antique "A" Team

6 - 7 Correct -- You've got Patina!

4 - 5 Correct -- You've got potential!

<4 Correct -- Need some work!!!

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