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Custom Replacement Skeleton Key

At Mink's Emporium we love the unique and intricate details abundant in antiques and collectibles.

It's fun to learn about the history of a treasured find or an heirloom. We found a coffee grinder manufactured by Peugeot before they evolved to producing cars. That made an interesting antique collectible for a coffee lover!

Antique furniture is generally made with superior craftsmanship and constructed from solid wood. As antiques age they tend to dry; it is important to routinely give your wooden antique pieces a drink of quality furniture oil. The oil can prevent the wood from cracking and having a weathered appearance. Select oil that does not contribute to buildup.

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The perfect accompaniment to your collectibles is display options that allow the pieces to be visible enabling enjoyment of their beauty.  We have a collection of display accessories for collectibles.  More ideas

Minks Emporium skeleton key replacement makes perfect home accessories to add a unique interior design to your home decor.  A functioning lock adds value to your antique furniture pieces.  Minks Emporium furniture restoration products restore the luster to your modern and antique furniture. 

Replacement Skeleton Keys

Custom Key Craftsmanship

Let us help replace your skeleton key! Send us your lock and we will make a key to fit your lock. Our custom skeleton replacement keys are modified by our craftsmen in our USA workshop to fit When we have the lock, we are able to size the ward and foot properly creating a custom skeleton key replacement that will restore functionality to your piece.

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