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Decorative mirrors to accent collectible displays

Mirrors and Plate Hangers

Mirrors can be used to draw attention to your collectible display or to create an elegant centerpiece. Try using a mirror as a serving plate for fruit or bite sized dessert--it creates an appetizing presentation for the simplest items.

Wire plate hangers available in brass or white coated finish provide display capability that does not detract from your collection. Displaying plates on the wall of a kitchen or dining room add interest to the wall and you might be able to find the plates hidden away in a back cabinet without having to shop for a picture or wall hanging. Various sizes are available to fit your plates.

Decorative Egg Stands

The egg shape serves as a symbol of abundance, fertility, and new beginnings. Perhaps the egg shape has maintained popularity for collectibles due to the strength of the shape as well as the symbolism. A wide variety of art work exists centered around various types of eggs; probably the most famous being the Imperial Easter Egg created by Peter Carl Fabergé. In the late 1800’s, the first Fabergé Easter egg was presented to Russian Tsar Alexander III. Peter Carl Fabergé, worked as a Russian jeweler eventually assuming responsibility for his father’s jewelry business. His skills may have been learned as well as inherited since there were artists in his ancestry. His work is still replicated today in many forms. Today decorative eggs can be found crafted from authentic shell as well as porcelain, resins and other material. Some are hinged boxes; some have jeweled surfaces or intricate paintings. Regardless of your egg, it can provide a beautiful display. The egg shape can create a little challenge to securely display. Our egg stands can be used to create a foundation upon which to display your collection. We have whimsical designs as well as understated simple designs. We recommend watching your egg after placing it on the holder to confirm that the position is stable.

cross stand for decorative table top display
Plate stands and displays for your treasured collectible plates
Cup and saucer stands
Decorative egg stands to display your collectibles
Ornament stands to display special ornaments

Minks Emporium collectible displays provide a beautiful and elegant method of enjoying your collectibles. Our home accents collection includes display accessories for tea cup and saucer collections, table top easels for small displays including artwork, even attractive wrought iron book stands which makes a perfect gift for cooks, and many other home decor ideas. We also other useful items like felt pads, picture hanging hooks, candle snuggers, clear pads and decorative mirrors. Use the swivel plate stand to add a decorative touch to your next party!

Triple bat baseball stand
Wire plate hangers