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How in the world do I figure out what size table runner is correct? 

When selecting a table runner to be used with a tablecloth, choose a length with a drop no greater than the table cloth drop. For example, if your table is 72 inches in length and your tablecloth has a 9 inch drop on each end, select a table runner that is no longer than 90 inches.

Generally, table runners do not hang lower than the table cloth. It is perfectly acceptable for a table runner to sit entirely on the top of the table without hanging over the ends.

We suggest considering the size of your table with all leaves in place. When you use the table without leaves the table runner can be scrunched. This provides an increased opportunity to utilize your table runner.

If the table runner is to be used without a table cloth, the drop should be no more than 12 inches.

Check out our selection of table dressings! Our collection contains designs for everyday styling as well as holiday celebrations. A simple topper on your table can add a sense of festivity to your décor.

When would I want to use a table runner?

So, you're ready to decorate for the holidays or a special occasion. One quick decorating method is to utilize table cloths or table runners. They can quickly transform a room and can be reused time and time again. Small 36 inch square table toppers are perfect for end tables in either a guest bedroom or a formal living room. Select a whimsical style for a casual change to your family room.    

Table runners cover about a third of the top of a table. Table runners can be used for both formal and informal settings to add an extra bit of interest to your table. They can be scrunched and topped with a center piece as part of your everyday decorating scheme. A very practical use of a table runner is to provide some protection to your table from hot dishes or candle wax incidents. Table runners also offer nice decorating touches to buffets and sideboards.  Utilize table runners to conceal issues such as a mismatched table leaf as we did on our antique table.       

What is a table topper?

A table topper can be used over a larger table cloth or alone on a small table. Generally, table toppers are square and look nice draped over a round table.  We draped square table toppers over an oblong end table below.

Use them to personalize your space, we scrunched one in an art niche, take a look.

We draped a 36 inch table topper angled across the top of our tea cart.