Table toppers and table runners to decorate your table

Our reusable canvas shopping bags fold for storage complete with velcro tabs.

Quick and Easy Decorating Ideas

Table runners, table toppers, and festive doilies make quick and easy decorations.  Toss a table topper over a side table or on the middle of a kitchen island and instantly create a festive holiday atmosphere.  Scrunch a table runner beneath a flower arrangement to create a focal point. A table runner is perfect for dressing up a buffet or sideboard.  Change your table runners with the seasons to create seasonal looks with little effort.

Cowhide and Leather Table Runners

Environmentally Friendly Shopping

Bags Burlap bags are natural eco friendly and perfect alternatives to plastic shopping bags.

Table runners for all your table decorating needs
Doilies for festive and everyday use
Formal table toppers for elegant occasions

Table Toppers Whimsical, Formal or Festive             

Provide a cheerful table transformation with a table topper and achieve a variety of styles.  Whimsical designs for a holiday or party add a feeling of fun and excitement for young and mature guests.  Select a formal style for everyday use in a formal dining room.  Table toppers are a quick way to decorate your table for the holidays.  And, the added bonus is they can be used year and year with little storage space!  Our cute chair back covers are perfect for the head of the table or on every chair.

Festive Snowman Chaircover
Christmas table toppers and table runners provide instant holiday decorations
Table toppers and table runners are quick and easy decorations

Intricate Table Runners or Toppers Perfect for a Wedding

A selection of formal, sequined and beaded table runners and toppers serve as a beautiful backdrop for formal occasions such as weddings.  They have been used on the guest book table, the gift table, even the first communion table.

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Reusable Eco Friendly Shopping Bags
Reusable Canvas and Burlap Shopping Bags

Table Dressings of Lace and Leather

Check out our table dressings! Our collection contains designs for everyday styling as well as holiday celebrations. A simple topper on your table can add a sense of festivity to your décor.  Our poinsettia doilies can be placed down the center of a table to create a festive table dressing for your holiday tablescape.