Let us help be a part of your diy home decor restoration project.  We specialize in making functioning keys for your furniture locks and cabinetry.  A functioning skeleton key instantly increases the value of your antique furniture. Everyone enjoys the option of being able to lock up their treasures and many antique pieces provide locking doors, drawers and sometimes hidden compartments. Many skeleton keys have long been misplaced. Minks Emporium skeleton key replacement service, can add a new dimension to the function of your antique pieces.  Minks Emporium furniture restoration products help meet your interior decorating goals by reviving your collectible pieces.

If your lock is not functioning, send us the lock and we will determine if it can be repaired. We have had success repairing skeleton locks with broken solder, missing springs, and other problems.

Our custom skeleton replacement key service is one of our favorite parts of our work. We get the opportunity to see some truly unique locks. We have even made keys for locks that contained bells to “alarm” when being opened!  We enjoy hearing positive feedback from our customers when they receive their functioning replacement skeleton key after years without a key.

Reproduction Hardware for your restoration project

Beyond their functional use of operating locks, our skeleton keys have been used as decorations adorning door knobs and such dangling from ribbon or cording. Our skeleton keys have been used in weddings to adorn special seating cards as show to the left. The key seating cards were hung from a silver metal tree.  The bride reported the guests enjoyed the unique seating chart and enjoyed getting a keepsake key.

School children have been thrilled by receiving a special “key” award. Schools have used antique reproduction keys in their national honor society induction. A key suspended by a ribbon forming a necklace was given to each child as part of the ceremony representing the key to knowledge. The students treasured the keys, in part, because they were unique.

We look forward to helping you restore a beautiful look to your antique with our selection of Antique reproduction skeleton keys, locks and hardware. Let us know if your looking for something specific, we may be able to help you find it!  Try our service and join the group of satisfied collectors!

Increase value with a functioning key.

Antique Skeleton Barrel Keys

It’s not furniture, it’s a heirloom

Testimonials from our customers:

I had almost given up hope of ever finding a skeleton key for my cabinet until I talked to you. Thank you for the custom skeleton key that you made for me. It works great!!! It has been a real pleasure doing business with such innovative, honest, and dependable people like all of you at Minks Emporium!! Everyone was so pleasant and helpful. I will recommend your business to everyone I know! Thank you so much for your help (you are the best!), Leanne in McAlester, OK

HI, Thanks for the quick shipment...worked with one the perfect color. Rowland

Minks, I sent you my antique butler dresser lock and you custom made me a beautiful polished brass key. The key works great and looks wonderful. Couldn't be more satisfied with your service and the quality of your finished product. Thanks so much. Jerry

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