How to Capture Annoying Odors with Poo Pourri Natural Air Fresheners
It's Easy!
It's Natural!
It's for Everyone!
Spray Poo-Pourri into the toilet bowl before use, and it completely eliminates the raunchy odor.

Our natural air freshener products create a barrier on the top of the toilet water that traps the stinky smell.
Poo Pourri products are made with Essential oils, not harmful chemicals.

Poo Pourri is safe for septic systems and is biodegradable.

Poo Pourri is Made in the USA and never tested on animals.

Poo Pourri Original and Poo Pourri Monogram have an elegant packaging, a perfect addition to any sophisticated bathroom. 

Trap A Crap and Crap Shooter are truly a guy's favorite!

Teen and college girls love the No. 2.

Even something for the pooch.

Our finely hand crafted work by our Texas artists make wonderful gifts or cheerful additions to own collection.  Select from hand painted gourd birdhouses and ornaments or a handcrafted Texas Sassafras walking stick.

Our handcrafted walking sticks are constructed of Sassafras wood grown and made in Texas, USA. Each is uniquely hand painted by our granny artist.  Each walking stick is complete with a leather handle for slipping around the wrist while navigating on your nature walk.  The leather strap can be used to hang your walking stick when not in use.  A rubber stopper is placed on the bottom of each walking stick to provide a sturdy non slip surface.  These unique sticks are also suitable for anyone who needs the assistance of a cane and would like something truly unique; no two are exactly alike due to the hand craft and hand painting process.

Trap a Crap Poo Pourri for your odor control needs.

Gift Ideas for People with Everything!

Stainless steel serving utensils had beaded in texas
Authentic barbed wire metal candle holder made in Texas
Handcrafted walking sticks constructed of Sassafras wood grown and made in Texas

Handpainted Unique Waking Sticks and Birdhouses

Gourd Birdhouses Handpainted in Texas
Table top black wrought iron wine rack

Non toxic, biodegradable, and Made in the USA! Plus a product that actually works! Spritz in the bowl and trap the odors before they escape into the air. We even have an odor away spray for your stinky pooch.

This table wine rack would be a perfect accompaniment to your wine gift.  We have a collection of display accessories for collectibles and treasures.  Bejeweled table transformation adds interest to your meal.
Hand jeweled in the USA, this finely crafted tableware makes wonderful gifts or uniquely elegant additions to your own collection!

Poo Pourri - Whew Wee What a Stinkie!

Need a gift ideas for people with everything? We try to find obscure items with provide a unique gift. Many of our items are made in the USA by small businesses. Let us know if you have suggestions for other items to add to our collection.

Hand fans that are perfect purse size for hot summer outings.
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